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Schools Intensive Program


G.A.C. is a dedicated Learn to swim centre and is ideally set up to cater for school’s intensive swimming programs.

Learning to swim is not a sport, it is an education in valuable life skill that will be a basis for recreation, fitness and most importantly, survival.
With many school camping programs containing water-based activities, it is very important that children feel confident in and around water so that not only can they participate completely, but with confidence and enjoyment.

Once the learner is a strong and competent swimmer, they will decide whether to pursue swimming related sports.
Until they reach that point, it is our responsibility to ensure learning is continuous and progressive.

Children thrive on routine, if swimming lessons are regular and ongoing, they become familiar with the pool and instructors, and develop valuable skills, they will enjoy lessons so much that they will want to attend regularly and year round.
Studies have shown that children, who do continue their lessons year round, achieve better results than those who only attend intermittently. They are also fitter, stronger and better able to resist colds and flu’s over the winter months.


• 2 x 25 metre pools (12 Lanes) and a learner’s pool – salt chlorinated and heated.
• Exclusive use of the pools and more than adequate changing facilities for each pool.
• NO PUBLIC access of the pools during lessons, making supervision easier and no distractions.
• Indoor facilities, therefore no missed days due to inclement weather or sickness and possibility of sunburn.
• Large lecture room to group students before and after classes.
• School staff only have to supervise buses and changing rooms.
• All staff are AUSTSWIM trained and qualified.
• G.A.C. school’s co-ordinator arranges all the grouping and assessment of students.
• All students receive a certificate at completion of the course.
• Pool bookings are available in Building B (upstairs pool), from 9:30am to 3:00pm, Building A (downstairs pool), from 12:10pm to 3:00pm. Lesson durations offered are: 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 45 minutes & 1 hours.
• Instructors are also trained in AUSTSWIM TAI to attend to students with special needs requirements.
• We can cater for your entire school in any 2-week block or more.
• We can also accommodate school swimming carnivals and provide lifeguards if required.
• Plentiful and appropriate equipment for all levels.


Learn to Swim

This is a comprehensive program developed for students of all abilities and teaches aquatic confidence, water safety and stroke development.


Survival Of the Fittest

This is an alternative option for Grade 5 & 6 of level 4 and above. In this program we include a brief introduction to C.P.R theory and practical. This is a structured program based on team building initiative tasks, rescues, survival, safety and swimming technique.



Professionally designed sessions with the focus on developing fitness, endurance and the finer points of stroke technique. A Level 5 and above can take part in the squad training group.


Our instructors are AUSTSWIM qualified and committed to providing a quality program.


For more information on this program and to make a booking please contact the schools intensive programs coordinator. Ph: 03 5222 5530


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